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What I loved about this class was that I walked away learning so much and opened to many new things. I was introduced to so many fun stuff and had quite some laughs. I’ll never forget this class and I am so thankful for the awesome Professor I got this semester for it. You do quite a job Professor Dunphy, God bless your soul! Although I didn’t talk much this semester, that didn’t mean I wasn’t paying attention or didn’t do the class work. I just love listening to others, I feel like I learn so much more from that. Throughout this semester, I was your biggest fan! I’ve written down all the times you said something funny or something so great and I left class saying ”Wow, today was awesome!”. I hope you know that you do an excellent job as a Professor and get a laugh at some of the things I’ve written down in my notebook and quoted you on! Enjoy 🙂 Hope this makes your hectic life worth it all!

Professor Dunphy quotes Spring 2012 !

”Yeah life sucks but there are beautiful moments in it”

”Getting us riled up gets emotions! Emotions gets us influenced = $$$”

”Freedom is contagious. People see it. People want it. They need it!”

”We only hear what we want to hear about. Good and bad”

”In this world, there’s room for everyone”

”It took us a hundred years to get rid of slavery. We are a SLOW COUNTRY”

”Everybody has a bias and agenda. Almost means nothing”

”That’s what’s great about war in America. We learn about a new country” —(One of my favorite laughs!)

”I could pay everyone. Everyone has a price”

”We expect everyone to be perfect and they are soooooooo not” —(One of my favorites too and I remember exactly how you said this too!)

”It’s all point of view and who’s going to end up being right”

”That’s what cinema is suppossed to do – open our eyes”

”Hollywood wants PG-13!”

”You can chop off someones head as long as the sword is clean”

”Google invented nothing! They take whatevers good and make it better!”

”We became a culture where we can write stuff down and then we became a culture where we can record stuff”

”Music is so influential. Music for a lot of people is important”

”Would not give up music for the world”

”Media – what is right or what is wrong? They don’t give us guidance”

”How do we understand America? How do we understand Occupy Wall St.? Films help us understand these things”

”There is no middle America anymore. There is no people working together anymore. Americans are split down the middle. Don’t know which way to go. Not sure which one works for us. We are stuck. Inheritantly the problem. Who do Americans connect to? Media?”

”Holding up a mirror to society revealing the ridiculousness in which we live in”

”Internet goes down. People start freaking out. They have no clue what to do. How do we find out what’s going on in the world with no internet? Go to t.v. and can’t find anything out”

”When it’s really really great it’s probably gonna get bad…or when it’s really really bad it’s probably gonna get better…go ahead and go back to your sunshine fairytale” —(Love this!)

”The reason we’re so sad is because something is so wonderful. These moments are real we’ve all experienced them. We’ve all had them…human beings look for connection”

”Been in my life more than most people…not sad without them but thinking how great my life has been with it in it”— (In regards to South Park)

”We love the villain! Even the villain has a heart”

”The second something is on the internet we are all OVER it!”— (Love this one too)

”People are so quick to react”

”Our history will be of what we make of it”

”We are currently fat, comfortable and…”

”You have to fool one to satisfy another”

”There’s two types of people: those who apologize for America and those who refuse to. I’m always like ”I’m sorry for the massicist” —-(LOVED THIS ONE !)

”Everybody wants money because it makes shit a lot easier!” — (I died at this one.. too awesome!)

”I don’t want to be comfortable. I want to be excessively comfortable” — (You really need to write a book… oh wait! you are!)

”I want to be able to go up to somebody and stick money in my ears and go ”Blehhhh” – That’s the American Dream” —-(How awesome are you?! haha)

”Viral marketing gets people excited about something – it’s a story behind a story”

”My boss would be like ”Ehhh what are you doing?” and I’m just like ”I’m looking for kryptonite” —( hahaha amazing)

”Free speech in this country is a two way street….it sucks”

”Conservative: Thinking yesterday is better than today”

”It’s impossible to be racist in New York!”

”In New York, you’re not going to be like ”I’m not going to ride the subway cause there’s white people on it!” That’s racist! That’s real!”

”I would TOOOOOOOTALLY kill somebody if they had a bad haircut” —( HAHAHA toooooootally)

”Like I hate vegetables right? But you don’t see me murdering broccoli”

”Be somebody that you want to be around”

”What’s your sign?…..YIELD?” —( hahaha too great!)

”Dictatorship. Sign me up!”

”I love the idea that I don’t know a lot”

”Fate gets you to the door. Destiny decides where you go. Always open the door”

You left us with so many awesome memories and times. I’ve walked away from this class with a smile on my face. Thank you for your final words, really meant a lot! Keep doing what you’re doing cause you are fabulous at what you do. Thank you for an awesome semester and best of luck to you and your new adventures! Hope you enjoyed this 🙂

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