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Long live The Beatles…(Professor’s Choice Post #8)

on May 6, 2012

It’s an incredible feeling when you think you heard all the greatest songs in the world but yet you always discover a new favorite through networking whether it’s from school, work or friends and etc. The Beatles were not my cup of tea but now they’re my favorite flavor! How have I lived without listening to The Beatles for this long is beyond me? Throughout this blog, I’ve learned so much about The Beatles and I can actually say I became a fan. I read somewhere that went along the lines of ”Not liking The Beatles is as perverse as not liking the sun”. I admit it, it’s kind of hard NOT to like them. I connected a lot with this album and it wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be. I listened to this album mostly in the comfort of my own home only because that’s where my mind is clear. The Fab Four were storytellers all by themself. They wanted to change the world and they did. They had the power to influence millions of people and they still have that power. The Beatles will exist and live on forever. I came across something that John Lennon had said and was put under heavy pressure from the press because of it. He made a remark and said that ”The Beatles were more popular than Jesus”. John had to apologize of course and explain himself several times. I honestly believe it though. Sometimes artists are put up so high by fans that they actually start worshipping them. After the death of their long time manager Brian Epstein, The Beatles fell apart only to fall together again in this last album Let It Be.

During the 1960’s, drugs were becoming more popular and times were changing. The band members were growing up and beginning to start families. They wanted to continue different things and were developing different priorities. Paul wanted to keep the band together for as long as he could but he couldn’t save the band. Despite all of the problems in the band , the Beatles proved to us that they could “come together” and create one last final masterpiece. That just showed how collaborative The Beatles could be. There is no denying that The Beatles changed the face of music. The Beatles were not just a band “who made it very, very big” as John Lennon said. They were more than that. The Beatles were fighters but when the fighting gets tough, life happens and we can’t fight anymore. Although I had to listen to this album for a couple of  times before I began to love it, I ended up surprising myself and becoming a total Beatle fan. From CANT to Taylor Swift to The Beatles, I am just a bag of mix emotional music! I have come a long way and this has been such a great experience. I’ve learned a lot about music from all three artists. You can get the same kinds of feelings whether it’s sadness or happiness or whatever the case maybe from all types of music.! They were the Kings of rock and roll and deserve to be listened to for eternity. My whole experience with The Beatles during this assignment reminds me of one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs called “Long Live”. The Beatles hold a special place in my little Taylor Swift lovin’ heart.  I’ll end this blog with a statement ,Long live The Beatles!



Album Rating: 5+++++ (I had the time of my life…with you Beatles!)


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