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It’s all about ”I Me Mine” … (Professor’s Choice Post #6)

on May 6, 2012

Sometimes when you get too comfortable with your surroundings nothing seems to change until something drastic happens. Paul McCartney tried hard to keep the band together after the death of Brian their manager. The band members felt as if Paul was taking over the group and they didn’t like that. The Beatles were known for writing songs about one another. The song ”I Me Mine” is one of my favorites in this album. The beat and the way it’s written is pure genius. ”I Me Mine” is so clever and so true. We all walk around with invisible ”It’s all about me” t-shirts! We’ve become so selfish and so into ourselves that it’s hurting us and we don’t even know it. The world we live in is a selfish place. Either someone is trying to take control over you and make it all about them or you’re the one that wants the world to revolve around them. In my opinion, this song is about pure ego. ”I Me Mine”, enough said.

George Harrison is straight forward with this song through his lyrics. I love the lyrics ”All I can hear I me mine, I me mine, I me mine Even those tears I me mine, I me mine, I me mine”. It seems to me that George must have been frustrated with people around him being selfish and too into themselves rather than the world surrounding them. This song conveys a perfect message and meaning behind it. This song would be a hit in my eyes in today’s society. Everybody is so into themselves these days from posting a status about their amazing life to see how many ”Like’s” they get or taking pictures and posting them up constantly and what not.

There comes a time in our lives where we do become self-centered and our heads become bigger than our bodies. We all put ourselves on a pedestal and I think in this song George is trying to say ”Look what you people have become”. Greedy and selfish. The Beatles were becoming bigger than ever and everything good always comes to an end. They all reached a point of success and wanted more. This was the last song The Beatles recorded together in a studio and it’s a shame because throughout their musical career all of their songs were about peace and love. This song in comparison to their previous tracks is sort of miserable and very negative. I like that about The Beatles though. They can create masterpieces for all kinds of music. This song is so catchy because it’s repetitive. ”I Me Mine I Me Mine I Me Mine” However, this song is still great and I feel like there’s no better way to express your true feelings than to express them through a song.



Album Rating: 5 (They still got it!)


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