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Apparently I Dig A Pony too…(Professor’s Choice Post #4)

on May 6, 2012

Where do I start off with this song? This song is something else . This song starts off with Ringo saying ”Hold it!” because he was busy smoking a cigarette while the guys were trying to start recording. I think because they captured that part in the song makes it so dang good. It’s like that feeling where you’re in a moment and you capture it and you’re like ”YES! I got that on camera!”. It’s like that feeling where you try to reenact something but you can’t because it was so perfect that one time you did it and you just say ”You just had to be there!” kind of moment. This song has so many different meanings and can be interpreted in so many ways. There’s so much going on in this song. I’ve read some of the reviews about this song and a lot of people said this was probably the worst song The Beatles ever created. I for one, do not agree with that. Anything from The Beatles is a classic. They’re ”The Beatles”, they’re original that’s why they are so huge even today. As I continued to do my research, I found out that John Lennon called this song ” a piece of garbage”. That makes me sad a little. I don’t think this should be labeled ”garbage”. It’s far from it. I know it’s hard to dig in and find the true meaning of this song but their isn’t one. Maybe that’s a good thing, you know? We all perceive things differently and each and every one of us can take a little bit of this song and make our own ideas about it.

The fact that there is a restaurant named after this song is pretty awesome. How can this song be labeled ”garbage” now? John Lennon was his own worst critic on this one. Yeah, he had better songs but this one isn’t so bad.  According to an article I read online, John Lennon in reference to the song said “I was just having fun with words. It was  literally a nonsense song. You just take words and you stick them together, and  you see if they have any meaning. Some of them do and some of them don’t.” Every good artist intends on writing something that has meaning. Songs like this make us think and let us be creative. That’s what’s so awesome about The Beatles, their music is universal like all across the universe 😉

In this song, there’s no right or wrong meaning. The reason for that is because it’s personal and subjective.  One of my favorite lines in this song is ”I told you so All I want is you Everything has got to be just like you want it to”. I really really really really like that line because I can really relate to it! I feel like I can sing that line to my future non-existent boyfriend. All I want is this guy but it has to be whenever he’s ready and on his terms. Speaking of me diggin’ a pony, my future non-existent boyfriend has a pony tail. I want to slap myself sometimes. I just laughed out loud when I wrote that too. No seriously, guys suck and The Beatles don’t.






Album Rating: 4++ (Almost there!)




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