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Nothing’s gonna change my world…or Is it? (Professor Choice Posts #3)

on May 5, 2012

Growing up in Brooklyn makes it a lot easier to be open to new things and in this case new things happens to be music. Music brings people together and can change a persons life. Every song tells a different story and can mean so much to a person. That’s what’s so great about music. You can relate and become a part of something that you weren’t a part of making. There are millions of songs that are out and that people listen to everyday. Some songs are good. Some songs aren’t that great. It all depends on how the listener feels inside when they hear it. ”Across The Universe” is a song off the album Let It Be that changed my mood. Once your mood has changed that means a song has affected you in some way.

When I first listened to this song I felt a weird feeling. That feeling you get when you’re unsure if you like something or not. I ended up having this song on repeat because I ended up liking the song a lot more than I thought I was. I asked a friend who is a fan of The Beatles what his favorite song off the Let It Be album was and he said this and his reasoning was ”Because it’s just that good…You don’t have to know why…It just is”. I agree with him completely because there’s something about this song that just makes you feel something. What interests me the most about this song is the line ”jai guru deva om” in the song. What I learned was that it means ”to give thanks to a heavenly teacher/guru”. I think it’s really cool that I found a picture of a tattoo of that line on someone’s ear! Kind of poetic and kind of crazy but very creative that the tattoo is on someone’s ear. That’s our only way of listening to music – is through our ears. You can never underestimate what music can do to a person. That’s how extreme and powerful a Beatles song or any song can do for that matter. Music is amazing and touches people to the point where they would get a permanent tattoo on themselves that’ll last forever. That’s exactly what a Beatles song does, it lasts forever.

My favorite parts of the song is where Lennon sings ”Words are flying out like endless rain into a paper cup, They slither while they pass, they slip away across the universe.”  I think these words allow us to believe in words of meaning and feeling. These meanings and feelings can be shared with all kinds of people. The fact that love exists and sadness still lives in us, allows for them to actually be. We all say things we don’t mean and most of the time we do mean them. They fly out of us so fast and words can travel forever and back. Sometimes we find ourselves saying ”Oh maybe I shouldn’t have said that!” and then someone’s like ”Well too late”. Whatever you say can get around so quick and that’s why our parents always taught us to ”Watch what we say” right?

”Nothing’s gonna change my world” is so catchy and so great. I love that it’s repetitive and it’s so true. When you think a certain way and believe that there is no way in changing it, nothing’s gonna change your world. Another one of my favorite lyrics in this song is ”Sounds of laughter shades of earth are ringing Through my open views inciting and inviting me. Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns, It calls me on and on across the universe”.  We are surrounded by words of feeling and hope. Everyone around us has influenced our lives one way or another. We are encouraged by words of all people surrounding us from our everyday living to people around the globe. Not just by a certain kind of race or religion but just humanity across the universe in general. Through words, there is hope for peace in the world. We’re not alone. I just love this song because it’s just so good. I can’t explain it. Like who says ”pools of sorrow waves of joy” ? That’s awesomeness right there. Talented isn’t even the word. The Beatles are so much more than that. When I listen to ”Across The Universe”, “nothing’s gonna change my world” makes me feel calm. Like, dont sweat any of the problems life throws at you, because at the end of the day, you are still you.


Album Rating: 4+ (I still have 4 more to go….If The Beatles want that 5, they have to prove to me they deserve it!)


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