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Turn around and make it aright… (Personal Album Post #5)

on April 12, 2012

In Taylor Swift’s album Speak Now track number 3, “Back to December” is about a time in Taylor’s life where she finds herself in a regretful situation. While this song maybe dedicated to someone in Taylor’s life, I believe we can all relate to this song quite a bit. Have you ever had that moment in your life when you learned a lesson a little too late? Didn’t realize how much someone meant to you until they were gone? or even messed up somehow and couldn’t find the right words to fix everything? I found myself in this situation and boy is it a tough one. In one verse Taylor sings:

“We small talk, work and the weather, Your guard is up and I know why. Because the last time you saw me Is still burned in the back of your mind. You gave me roses and I left them there to die. So this is me swallowing my pride, Standing in front of you saying, “I’m sorry for that night,”

I can truly relate to this song and I even feel a little bit of a sting reading those lyrics. It takes me back to a night I truly regret. Amel was in NYC visiting family, friends and me for the week so I had invited him out to a friend’s birthday party in the city. As the night went on I began to feel as if he was being distant that particular night and began to pull myself away from him as well. Not realizing that I had invited him out with my friends and that maybe he had felt a little comfortable I took it a personal issue directed towards our relationship. I ignored him for most of the night and proceeded to enjoy my friend’s birthday or at least pretend to while I secretly hoped we would make up sometime during the night. As the night continued we got into  a terrible argument, I had some pretty awful things to him out of anger.

The day after the party I realized I had over reacted, instead of appreciating the fact that he came out to see me and spend some time with me I made him feel even more uncomfortable than he was. Instead I should’ve been comforting him and trying to get him to lighten up to my group of friends he had never met before. I felt terrible and tried to reach out to him after sending him an apology text message. While I patiently waited for an answer back I found myself listening to this song a few times. Although the text message didn’t work at first he later lightened up and accepted my apology and thought we should meet in person to discuss what had happened.

Most people believe and know that this song was written for her ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner. According to an article I read online, ” in describing the meaning behind the “Back To December” lyrics, Taylor says that the person she wrote the song for “deserved” it, because he deserved an apology from her. She adds that this person was “perfect” to her in every way, and that she was very “careless” with the relationship”. This song is very personal and is directed towards Lautner without putting his name in it. I love when she says ”It turns out freedom ain’t nothin but missing you”. I think that line is so great because you really never know what you have until it’s gone. We can all learn from our mistakes and grow from them in future relationships. This time around Taylor was basically the ”bad” guy. She broke someone elses heart instead of someone breaking hers. Back to December Taylor realizes how wrong she had treated someone after it was all over and found the best way to apologize, through a song.





Album Rating: Always a 5!! Even though she was the ”bad” guy this time around she knew she was wrong and apologized beautifully ❤


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