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Introducing the Queen of my world, Taylor Swift. (Personal Album Post #1)

on April 12, 2012

”Speak now or forever hold your peace”, the words spoken by preachers right before the bride and groom vow to forever love one another. The moment that makes one’s heart race, a moment I’ve always been fascinated by. So many of us fantasize about running into a church, saying what they’d held inside for years like in the movies. In real life, it rarely happens.” said Taylor Swift in the prolouge of her Junior album, Speak Now. Speak Now by Taylor Swift is my favorite album. From the first track to the last I’ve lived through her songs feeling every bit of sadness and happiness in her songs.

Speak Now prolouge

Growing up I always knew I was different from the rest of my peers. Country music was never favored by my peers, everyone was into the lastest hip hop or pop song. Never did I hide my love for country music and still express my love for it. Just last week at work one of the customers I was helping told me I don’t look or sound like I’m from New York. Growing up in Brooklyn my entire life, it’s hard for me to relate to her comment. I love Brooklyn but at times I feel like I don’t belong here. I belong in a red Chevy pick up truck driving down a dirt road blasting Taylor Swift looking at the beautiful greens that go on for miles. One day I’ll leave this city but for now my only way of escaping these tall skyscrapers and busy streets is living vicariously through Taylor’s music. Even a song about a bad break-up can bring me some kind of happiness. Taylor Swift is my favorite artist and Speak Now is my favorite album of all time! It’s hard to think that you can be so passionate about an artist that you’ve never met. Her songs hold so much emotion that I can truly relate to in times of need. She’s kind of like a best friend. Her music gives me the strength and advice I need to grow as a person. Sometimes I find myself listening to a Taylor Swift song off this album and realize I’m not going through heartaches alone. People have been in my shoes and have experienced the same things I’ve experienced.

Through her songs, Taylor Swift and I connect and feel the same emotions about certain things, mostly boys. I feel like I can go up to her and have a two hour conversation just on one song on this album and that’s what’s so great about her music. Instantly through the connection of just one song we’d probably be friends after that but hey a girl can dream! Music should allow us to be able to speak up and ask questions. Music brings people together and that’s what Taylor Swift’s music does. Speak Now is about moments in our lives where we wish we would’ve said what we wanted to say but we didn’t because our lack of courage. I love the title of this album, we all find ourselves in situations where we want to say something but we do not.  I remember listening to this album and falling in love after every track. I couldn’t wait until she went on tour for this album. This album is a reminder of all of the amazing things I’ve experienced since this album came into my life from roadtrips to love: Amel Rugova style (who you will be introduced to in the upcoming posts) and roadtrips to love: Taylor Swift style. My best friends and I took a road trip to Pittsburgh just to see her in concert. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

 I look up to Taylor Swift and I learn from her music. I listen to her music everyday and instantly get a rush of happiness inside of me. Whether I’m bored at work at the Cookie House or working a Radio Disney event, Taylor Swift’s music can change my mood for the better.  Her music can lift my spirits and it’s a beautiful thing when music can do that.  “Speak now or forever hold your peace” makes me want to stop the world and say everything I have to say and not keep any ounce of it inside anymore. The ”what if’s” in life always get to me and I drive myself crazy with ”what if’s”. What if I said something instead of just keeping my mouth shut? What if I said something, maybe I wouldn’t be so miserable? What if I took Taylor Swift’s advice and decided to speak now? We face challenges everyday in life and this album is constant reminder that we should take the chance when its staring at us in the face.


Album Rating: 5!!!! because she is the Queen of my emotional world and because this album is perfect for all the boys and girls out there that’s been through the heartache, the tears, the laughter and who’ve had a ”Speak Now” moment.


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